About Keyfiler

Keyfiler is a web-based application for managing serial numbers, registration codes and other information you'll need to re-install or transfer software you've purchased. Starting at less than $20 per year, it takes care of this tedious but important chore so you don't have to worry about it.

Sure, you could roll your own spreadsheet or Access database to keep track of your registration information, but with Keyfiler's affordable rates, why re-invent the wheel? Keyfiler is hosted on our reliable server, backed up several times daily and served over a secure SSL connection. It also includes professional features you wouldn't have the time or the ability to add to a home-rolled solution.

Keyfiler scales to fit your needs, whether you're managing software for yourself, your small business, or a large corporation. Keyfiler lets you group software by user or by machine, allowing you quickly take inventory of your software library. It handles different types of licenses (single-user, multi-seat, volume) and has custom fields that allow you to record exactly the right information for each type of license.

Advertising on Keyfiler

Want to pitch your software products directly to people who buy software? Want to target customers who are already users of competing and complimentary products to the ones you're selling?

If so, you're in luck, because our users all have one thing in common: they buy a lot of software, both for themselves and on behalf of their employers. Keyfiler offers a fantastic opportunity to deliver highly targeted advertising to precisely the customers you want. That means higher click-through rates and more sales per click. And, combined with our affordable advertising rates, that means you get more bang for your advertising buck. To sign up, email advertising@keyfiler.com.

About Dancing Mammoth

Keyfiler is a product of Dancing Mammoth, a small and growing Washington, DC based web development firm. For 10 years we've developed web-based applications for small and medium businesses, with a focus on usability, reliability, and security. Launched in June 2004, Keyfiler is our first stand-alone web application.