General Questions

Q: What's Keyfiler?

Keyfiler is a web-based application for storing software keys and registration codes. It allows quick, reliable, and secure access to your information from anywhere in the world.

Q: How Much Does It Cost?

Keyfiler is a free service.

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Using Keyfiler

Q: What are the different license types?

Single-Machine licenses may be used on only one computer at a time.

Single-User licenses may only be used by one user at a time, however, he/she may use the same software license on multiple machines, provided only one machine is at use at any one time. For example, a single-user license would allow an employee to simultaneously use a license for a machine at home, and another at work.

Volume licenses allow system administrators to install a specified number of copies of the same product. This saves administrators time and effort because they don't have to keep track of dozens of separate license keys. Enter the number of copies permitted under "# of Licenses.

Per Seat licenses allow software to be used by a specified number of users, regardless of the number of machines that have the software. Enter the number of copies permitted under "# of Licenses.

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Q: Is Keyfiler secure?

The security of your registration information is our top priority. Keyfiler makes use of the latest encryption technology to ensure that your information doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Our web server utilizes 128-bit SSL for all communication with our database, and with your web browser. In addition, we use industrial-strength encryption when storing your information in our database. That means that your license information is safe from prying eyes.

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Q: What's the difference between "standard security" and "high security?"

With standard security, your information is encrypted using a global encryption key stored on our web server. That means that all users of standard security have their information stored using the same encryption key, allowing Keyfiler to reset your password in the event that it gets lost.

With high security, your data is encrypted with a key linked to your password. This is more secure because it means that no one--even us--can decrypt your information without your password.

This makes your information more secure, but it comes at a price: High Security means no one, including Keyfiler, can retrieve your information without your password. That means there is no option to retrieve or reset lost passwords. If you forget your password while in high security mode, your data will be lost forever. If you think you might lose your password, you should use standard security instead.

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Q: Does Keyfiler protect my privacy?

Yes. You can read our full privacy policy here

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Q: Can I store other types of information with Keyfiler?

Yes. In addition to several types of software licenses, Keyfiler allows you to store web site usernames and passwords. This can be extremely handy for keeping track of the dozens of usernames and passwords you're often required to create by different web sites.

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Q: Can I download my keyfiler data to my computer?

Yes, Keyfiler's export feature allows you to export your data to a variety of useful formats, including CSV (for export to Microsoft Excel) and XML (for export to?). While we make every effort to make our service secure and reliable, we recommend that users take the additional precaution of periodically downloading an exported copy of their data for backup purposes.

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